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Clinical/ Counselling Psychologist


GRADE: Unspecified
HOURS PER WEEK: 15 hours – Part Time
LOCATION: Birmingham
REPORTS TO: Line Manager (Consultant Clinical Psychologist)
SALARY £65,000 (37.5 hrs pro-rata)

Fast growing, innovative organisation implementing a new therapeutic model to really make a difference in mental health!

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There are many reasons why you will love working at the Reset Health Group. Here are a few…

  • You will have every opportunity and support to do your job to the best of your abilities.
  • You will be working and managing an amazing team full of energy for the work we do. Experienced, passionate, and sometimes a little strange!
  • You will receive the same care and attention as our partners and clients. We strive to develop everyone that we work with, clients and colleagues included. We love to see everyone reach their full potential, and that includes you.

Our Vision for the future

Help everyone to understand they have the power and inner resources to manage their (physical and mental) well-being, live in harmony with their environment, and lead a more fulfilling life.

How we are going to get there

By providing expert and innovative services, based on the latest research in mental health and physical wellbeing, emphasising the connection between mind and body. The services are accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic background, and they raise awareness of socio-environmental issues to promote the power of community, interaction with others and our environment.

All colleagues align with the core principles of the RESET model and are committed to presenting a clear path of how we work to our clients and each other. To help you do that you are provided with the best possible support and environment to develop yourself and the organisation.

What are the benefits of working for a new organisation?

As a company, we are young and exciting. Big enough to deliver to nationally and internationally recognised clients, and agile enough to make quick decisions to support you and your future. Think flexible working and a variety of perks to help you do your job as well as you can. Just in case you are wondering, this does include overpriced coffee and cake breaks!

How can we ask you to support the health of our clients if we aren’t supporting you to look after yourself? We take your health and wellbeing very seriously; in fact, it is part of our mission that everyone who works with us practises what we preach. It doesn’t matter if your passion is gardening or sumo wrestling, you will be supported and encouraged to be as active as possible.

‘Well organised’ is our middle name (it’s not really, but it should be)! You won’t be rushing around from one meeting to the next without time to think and reflect, that is a one-way road to burn out. We invest in our people to protect time for clinical meetings, professional development, and monthly one-to-ones.

Quality supervision

Not to worry, we believe we have the knowledge and structure to teach and guide you. All our practitioners are encouraged to progress and master skills, particularly in areas where they are keen to develop. Whether you have recently graduated or have experience, you will be supported to continuously learn and develop. We welcome new initiatives and hope you can help us to make a real difference.

For the newly qualified, we understand how scary it is out in the big wide world of psychology and how important your first 12 months of development are. So, our structured induction, regular reflective practice, clinical supervision, and training approach will ensure you have the support you need when you need it.

So, what do we look for in a new recruit?

We strive to be dynamic and different, and we are looking for that in you. Want to know more about the passion and values that drive us every day? Come and grab one of those overpriced coffees on us and let’s chat about how you would fit in. If it goes well, we might throw the cake in too!

If you like to stalk in your spare time, take a peek at our website, Facebook, or Instagram. There you will see we can scrub up with the best of them when we must and have lots of results to back up our work in the industry.

Lemon drizzle or chocolate brownie?