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Creating psychologically and trauma informed environments through collaboration.
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A safe space to reflect and learn

Reflective practice is an opportunity for practitioners to come together and reflect on the services they provide. Reflective practice encourages self-awareness, continuous learning and honesty. Reflective practice encourages professional development and allows staff to learn from each other while increasing their skills for self-reflection and critical evaluation (Finlay, 2008).


Psychologically and trauma Informed Environments (PIE/TIE) is an organic process that leads to all-round positivity

We aim to implement a Psychologically and Trauma Informed Environment (PIE/TIE) in all the organisations we work with, where the day-to-day services have been designed to take the psychological and emotional needs of people (employees and clients) into account.

It is both an organic and on-going process that leads to success and positive impact on the organisation (employee retention/ employee attendance) and clients (successful recovery).

Some of the services offered: reflective practice, Psychologically Informed (PI) leadership (i.e. training, supervision), A PI-organisational structure (i.e. clinical governance, career development, growth opportunities), employee support and training (i.e. supervision, psychoeducation).

What is involved in this programme?

  • Monthly reflective practice
  • Clinical governance – psychology consultancy
  • Individual clinical supervision for clinical employees’ specialist training (optional) (i.e. leadership training, assertiveness training, communication training, etc.)
  • Weekly Case Management Review (optional)


Choose from one of our packages or if you require something more bespoke, get in touch!

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The Foundation programme is the most popular package we have on offer, get in touch for more information!



12 weeks Reset programme
Psychology group
Strength training group



Rolling Reset model for 12 months


12 month Foundation Programme
Fully tailored to your needs
Project Management
Clinical supervision & governance

Physical Health

Mental Health


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