Yoga reduces stress and improves the lives of those suffering with trauma.
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Yoga is an ancient practice that utilises the mind body connection to provide a plethora of health benefits. Physical activity, breathwork and a deep concentration are bought together to quieten the mind and improve physical performance. Yoga is often referred to as a ‘mind-body medicine’ (Woodyard, 2011). It is a wonderful example of what a holistic approach can do.


Yoga can help individuals to feel more connected mentally, physically, spiritually and environmentally. It is a core part of our programme because of this. Consistent yoga practice can lead to numerous physical and psychological benefits, please read below.

why we choose yoga…

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is able to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of clients. A benefit of yoga is that it can be implemented in group environments, rather than requiring 1 on 1 sessions which may be harder to achieve with larger client groups. 

Research shows that yoga classes can lead to a reduction in stress and an increase in autonomic nerve activity (Lin et al, 2015). This is important as it means that yoga can increase the regulatory bodily functions such as heart rate and digestion. 

These findings were reinforced by Zou et al (2018) that found that yoga is an effective stress reduction method for those who live under high stress or negative emotion. 

Yoga has also been shown to have promising results in improving the lives of those that have suffered trauma. Telles et al (2012) found that changes in neurotransmitters following yoga session may lead to the improved psychological wellbeing of trauma victims. 

There is also evidence to suggest that even if individuals don’t continue yoga practice, exposure to yoga may have a sustained effect on individuals (Kinser et al 2014). This effect included: improvement in levels of anxiety, stress and depression, decreased ruminations and increased quality of life. 

Investigations into yoga as an intervention have also found significant physical improvements such as heart rate and blood pressure (Lakkireddy et al., 2013).

Following these results, the RESET approach advocates for yoga as an intervention to improve mental wellbeing. Utilising several physical interventions is an efficient way to treat a wider range of clients, as individual treatment can be tailored towards different activities.

How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group recognises the benefits of strength training for mental health and offers services designed to help people to come up with a routine that works for them. 

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By sticking to this routine and achieving their goals, people can become stronger physically and mentally. You can learn how to develop positive behaviours and manage your well-being in a healthy way.