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Our Mission & Vision

Body and Mind

Much of the information on nutrition that is promoted in the media tends to focus on weight loss and physical health, however our nutritional health has also been shown to affect our mental health. The food we consume gives our brains and bodies the resources it needs to function. With this in mind, it seems almost obvious that the quality of the food we eat impacts our mental wellbeing.


Often when an individual is suffering with their mental health it can be really difficult to get adequate nutrition, which will then have an impact on their mental health, which will then have an impact on their ability to get adequate nutrition. With our nutrition component we hope to break that cycle. We empower individuals to make healthy decisions that are beneficial to them as individuals, rather than getting wrapped up in the latest diet trends. 

Why we include nutrition…

Nutrition and Health


Research shows that Western populations are becoming increasingly dependent on high processed and poor quality foods which have been heavily linked to poor mental health, whereas a diet rich in nutrients has been shown to be a protective factor against mental health (Dawson et al, 2016).

Additionally, Lim et al (2016) identified specific factors of nutrition that were important in increasing mental wellbeing including: eating regular balanced meals and consumption of a range of micronutrients including: omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamin b12.

An increasingly strong link is being established between gut health and mental health. A review conducted on animal studies highlighted a link between gut microbiota and brain health and therefore recommended that for brain and mental health there would be a call for an evidence based development of microbiota targeted dietary strategies (Berding et al, 2021).

This is supported by research conducted by Dawson et al (2016) who described gut microbiota as ‘a key mediator’ of the link between diet and mental health. Dawson et al also reported that improving diet quality would have benefits for an individual’s mental health.

This is further reinforced by research conducted by Lucas (2018) who reported that mental health is not just experienced in the mind but is experienced throughout the body including the gut.


How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group offers numerous groups related to nutrition. These groups aim to empower individuals to make their own choices about their nutrition and gain more of an understanding of how their dietary intakes impacts their health. 

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By making changes to nutrition, people can become stronger physically and mentally. You can learn how to develop positive eating patterns that help you to heal your relationship with your body and food.