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Physical Health

Physical activity can heal trauma, boost coping skills and resilience, and improve physical health

Our physical well-being is often massively under looked as a factor contributing to our mental health. We can improve the health of our body in many ways, including: strength training, breathwork, yoga, and nutrition. Our brain and body constantly interact, an interaction which can either promote positive mental wellbeing or be detrimental to our happiness and success depending on our actions.

For instance, if we consider the common symptom of low activity levels in depression or the panic attacks with rapid breathing in some anxiety disorders, it becomes clear that our mental health and body are closely linked. Thus, physical activity and health should be heavily considered when designing interventions for mental health disorders.

Research supports the idea that increased body awareness is positively correlated with wellbeing (Brani et al, 2013) a finding which is key to the RESET framework. The RESET approach involves a variety of interventions for mental health problems, including aspects of traditional psychological therapies, as well as somatic treatments such as breathwork and strength training.


What is involved in this programme?

  • Tailored body group sessions exploring the power of your body
  • Access to face-to-face or online yoga and strength training
  • Support from strength coaches and wellbeing assistants

Some of the topics explored: breathwork, hydration, macronutrients, HRV, strength training, play therapy, intuitive living. 


The following four components are included..

Strength Training: Clients are supported with functional strength training as a part of the RESET model. Studies have found that physical activity interventions lead to improved mental health and cognition (Heinze et al, 2020) due to the neurobiological and behavioural changes they lead to such as increased neural plasticity (the brain’s ability to change) and self-regulation (Smith and Merwin, 2021).

Yoga: Yoga can not only lead to a reduction in stress and anxiety (Lin et al, 2015) but has also been shown to have promising results in improving the lives of those that have suffered from trauma (Telles et al, 2012). Clients are able to utilise online or in person yoga classes to reap the benefits of this. 

Breathwork Training: Conscious breathing techniques have been used cross culturally for as long as history has been recorded. RESET staff are trained Oxygen Advantage (McKewon, 2015) instructors. This technique teaches individuals how to breathe to reach their full psychological and physical potential.

Nutrition: A diet diverse in fruits and vegetables has been shown to improve overall health (Gelich et al, 2020). However recently more research is emerging that highlights the benefits that diet modification can have on improving mental health (Adan et al, 2019).



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12 weeks RESET programme
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