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Our Mission & Vision


When we visualise something in our mind’s eye, we have a physiological reaction, or in other words a bodily reaction. Additionally, when changes occur in our body it affects our state of mind. Many of us suffer with low self-esteem, high levels of anxiety and racing negative thoughts. We support individuals to overcome self-sabotaging/ self-destructive behaviours and  reach a state of relaxation and wellbeing through mindfulness/ meditation practice and helping individuals to find who their ‘best self’ is.


When we have an idea of the person we want to become, it’s essential to set goals that will help us to get closer to this. Being specific in the goals we set along with setting goals that are measurable and achievable are just some of the key foundations of goal setting that will help us to keep on track and stay productive. When goal setting is successfully achieved, we are more likely to find motivation and create long-term, sustainable change.


The Impact of Vision and Goals

When we strongly visualise something, our brain interprets it almost as if it was true. For instance have you ever thought of a funny memory and started laughing? Or thought of something sad and felt your stomach drop?

Visualising is extremely powerful and can be utilised for setting goals and achieving your dreams. Hidayat et al ( 2011) found that using visualisation before playing sports led to improved performance.

Similarly, Martin et al (1995) found that those who used visualisation before tasks set higher goals for themselves, had more realistic self-expectations, and spent longer completing the tasks. Therefore visualisation is an important part of goal setting.

Andresen (2003) found that goal setting can support recovery through individualisation of outcomes helping individuals with identity and finding meaning in life. Goal setting helps individuals to focus on what they want from their lives.



How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group supports clients to create goals and thrive in completing them. Clients complete goal setting groups where they can be kept accountable and motivated by their peers and RESET staff. 

1:1 sessions with clients begin with goal setting and individualised support plans are then created based on the goals clients have set. We empower clients to work towards their goals and make their dreams a reality. 

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By setting and achieving your goals you can reach your full potential.