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Our Mission & Vision


Different life events can lead to the mind becoming disconnected from the body, for example as a result of traumatic experiences (CSAT US, 2014), over-engagement, suppression and avoidance of thoughts and feelings (Keng, Smoski and Robins, 2011). Due to this individuals may fail to recognise their body’s signals, therefore disconnecting from essential networks of communication between the body and mind.


By encouraging individuals to reconnect with their mind and body; emotional regulation, self-compassion and confidence can be improved. Our team of Clinical Psychologists, Assistant Psychologists and Wellbeing Assistants support clients to increase their self-awareness through helping them to identify their triggers, thoughts, feelings and reactions. When clients better understand themselves and their behaviours they are more likely to be able to change and see their old behaviours as outdated ways of coping.

WHY IS self-awareness essential…

The Importance of Self-Awareness

Communication between body and mind can increase the ability to cope with psychological and physical symptoms, stress and trauma (Fogel, 2009). By encouraging individuals to reconnect with their mind and body, emotional regulation can be improved.

In order to regulate emotions, individuals need to be well connected with their bodily sensations, thoughts and feelings; meaning being able to tolerate and understand signals from the body, as well as managing the thoughts and  behavioural responses associated with these signals (Price and Hooven, 2018).

One of RESET’s core approaches to mental health is to enable individuals to gain self-awareness through the use of meta-awareness and meta-cognition, whilst encouraging a self-compassionate and curious standpoint alongside this process as increased awareness and acceptance of feelings have been found to be beneficial to psychological and physical health (Politi, Enright and Weihs, 2007).

Fundamentally, human beings are intrinsically motivated to understand their feelings (Wilson & Gilbert, 2008). Often this process involves making meaning of  experiences, so that they can be explained and can then move on from this experience. Making self-awareness an essential mechanism in processing traumatic experiences. 

Dunne et al. (2019) also found that meta-awareness is essential to most forms of mindfulness, playing an integral part in processes central to the therapeutic effects of mindfulness; such as the ability to shift perspective on to the experience itself rather than one’s perception of the event.

How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group offers individualised support to individuals to increase their self-awareness. This ranges from group settings to 1:1 sessions. Individuals are encouraged to keep thought logs and then have the opportunity to discuss these logs with one of our Clinical Psychologists or Assistant Psychologists. 

Clients also get the opportunity to partake in breathwork, mindfulness and strength-training sessions, all of which increase self-awareness and mind body connection.

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