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Mindfulness means to be aware of the present moment whilst being able to acknowledge thoughts and feelings from a place of non-judgement. Mindfulness is integral to both allowing individuals the space to reflect and increase awareness of thoughts and feelings, as well as the ability to be utilised as a grounding technique. Mindfulness is a bit of an umbrella term and there are a number of activities that can be classed as ‘mindful’ if you are able to complete the activity whilst being present. Some examples include: meditation, journaling, colouring, nature walk, gardening and eating.  


Here at RESET we encourage our clients to partake in mindful practice. We run sessions on meditation, where clients get the opportunity to have calm and tune into the messages their mind and body are sending them whilst being guided by one of our Assistant Psychologists. We also complete psychoeducation on mindfulness activities and their benefits so clients feel motivated to continue this practice when they leave our service. 


The Benefits of Mindfulness

A review by Creswell (2017) found that across the board, randomised controlled trials indicate that mindfulness interventions are successful in reducing symptomology of chronic pain, depression and addiction. The same review highlighted that there is an implicit assumption that daily mindfulness practice helps to maintain these effects- something that is promoted by RESET.

Research conducted by Solhaug et al (2019) showed that the effects of mindfulness are also long lasting and could be seen 4 years post intervention. Even at 4 year follow up participants were shown to have significantly better scores on mental distress, avoidance coping and problem-focused coping. 

More specifically meditation has been found to have a plethora of physical and mental health benefits. A study by Lane et al (2007) found that just a brief introduction to a simple meditation technique led to improvement in negative mood and perceived stress, those that practice frequently were most likely to yield these benefits. 

Behan (2020) highlighted that structural and functional brain changes have also been seen in the brains of people who have practised meditation traditionally long-term, this leads to improvements in anxiety, depression and pain. Behan also suggested that mindfulness and meditation practice are appropriate interventions across age and ability levels.

Meditation is also widely accepted as not just a mind intervention but an intervention hat connects the mind and body. Horowitz (2010) concluded that meditation is a safe and effective therapy for a variety of conditions including physical health conditions and overall promotes stress reduction and overall wellness.

How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group recognises the incredible health benefits that mindfulness and meditation offer and work with clients to help them reap those very benefits. 

Clients benefit from group mindfulness sessions, psychoeducation on mindfulness and also the opportunity to complete mindfulness exercises on a 1:1 basis. 

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Find peace in the present, use mindfulness to increase mind body awareness and improve overall mental and physical health and wellbeing.