Mental Health - Trauma Informed Practice Training Therapy

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Mental Health – Trauma Informed Practice Training Therapy

Learn how to avoid self-sabotaging behaviour and get the most out of your life

The reset model is an integrative approach using tools from MI, CBT, DBT, Systemic and behavioural models, physical exercise, and the latest research on mental and physical well-being (NICE guidelines). These approaches are combined to support individuals to process and recover from past experiences that are affecting their mental and physical health and wellbeing, as well as alleviating any suffering in the present. 

Our clients learn how to break free from cycles of negative thoughts and harmful behaviour by implementing new coping strategies, regulating their emotions, tolerating distress, and processing traumatic experiences.

With the support of our clinical psychologist, assistant psychologists & wellbeing assistants and coaches, we implement and deliver tailored and innovative services, that are highly individualised. Together we can empower you to thrive and reach your full potential.

What is involved in this programme?

  • Tailored Mind Group Sessions to work with clients’ psychological difficulties.
  • 1-1 sessions (support from psychologists and assistant psychologists)
  • Work directly as part of the Multidisciplinary Team.
  • Supervision and input from our Counselling & Clinical Psychologist(s)

Some of the topics covered: thoughts log/ cognitive distortions, meditation/ mindfulness and breathwork family/ relationship dynamics, emotional awareness and interoception (fear, guilt & shame), emotional regulation and distress tolerance (DBT skills-based), behavioural change.

The four components are included:

Self-Awareness: We cannot change what we do not know, due to this clients are supported to better understand themselves and their behaviours. An increased awareness and acceptance of feelings has also been found to be beneficial to the relationship between psychological and physical health (Politi, Enright and Weihs, 2007).

Vision and Goals: No matter where we are along our mental health journey, working towards a goal can help us to regain confidence within ourselves and maintain an optimistic mindset that things are heading in a positive direction, leading to better outcomes.

Coping Strategies: As self-awareness of thoughts and feelings is being gained, it is integral to provide individuals with the relevant coping mechanisms to manage their feelings and enable them to cope better..

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is integral to both allowing individuals the space to reflect and increase awareness of thoughts and feelings, leading to the ability to foster physical and mental well-being (Grossman et al., 2004).



Choose from one of our packages or if you require something more bespoke, get in touch!

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12 month Foundation Programme
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