Bringing new meaning to tidy room tidy mind, allow your home environment to empower you to be your best.
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Our Mission & Vision


Tidy home tidy mind is a very well known saying but undeniably true. Environment is important to RESET’s approach and by this we mean our indoor environment as well. The presence of physical clutter has been found to impact our mood, sleep quality and eating behaviours to name a few. Physical clutter is just one challenge we face in today’s society, and perhaps the larger attentional demand in this day and age is revealed when we delve into the digital world. Ofcom (2020) reported internet use to be at a record high in the UK with the average person spending over 4 hours of their day online and the COVID 19 pandemic drastically changing the way individuals conducted the majority of their communication.


Therefore, in a changing world our physical environment is no longer the only mediating environmental factor, the online or digital world we now live in must be considered also. 

RESET provides psychoeducation around the impact of our home environment on our mind and body, as well as providing practical tips and solutions to clients who want to improve their home environments. 


The Impact of Clutter

 Clutter presents challenges to our brain and hormones. Humans have limited attentional resources and these can be depleted when visual distractions are present (Gregory & Jackson, 2021).

How We Can Help

The RESET Health Group recognises the benefits of a tidy environment and supports clients to better manage their homes to fulfil their full potential.

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