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Addiction is a serious and life-threatening issue. It requires a multi-pronged and holistic approach to support individuals in recovery from addiction. The RESET Health Group addiction psychologist offers expert addiction services as part of its psychology services, helping individuals who struggle with addiction to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.
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Addiction Psychologist

Between April 2020 and March 2021 there were over 275,000 adults in contact with drug and alcohol services, a figure that has been steadily on the rise for years (Public Health England, 2021).  Around 63% of these adults have a mental health need yet 25% were not receiving any treatment to meet this need, around 55% of those who were receiving treatment were also receiving this in a primary care setting (Public Health England, 2021). 

With these figures suggesting that relapse rates are alarmingly high, and that so many are missing out on mental health treatment a new approach to treatment needs to be taken. An evidence based holistic biopsychosocial approach to substance abuse recovery is essential in improving these figures and the lives of individuals.  Sustainable recovery comes from increasing mind-body connection and focusing on the three pillars of RESET: mind, body, and environment.

    • Mind: Mental Health conditions and substance misuse are often treated as two separate entities. At RESET we help individuals to better understand their mental health and teach new ways to cope. This approach has been shown to lead to positive outcomes (Butler et al, 2008).
    • Body: Addiction takes a great toll on the body. It often leads individuals to great physical health complications.  Nutrition input and physical exercises have been shown to aid physiological and psychological changes that enhance rates of recovery (Dolezal et al 2014, Jeynes et al, 2017). When nutrition has been neglected through addiction, this can lead to deficiencies and poor gut health which impact mental health (Holford et al, 2008). At RESET, we believe that by reconnecting to your body through somatic interventions, you can learn to regulate your emotions and cravings to live a more fulfilling life. 
    • Environment: Recovery from addiction requires a complete change of environment and lifestyle. At RESET, Individuals who suffer from addiction learn how to build and live in a more fulfilling environment.  With more access to natural environment and better daily routine comes great improvements in mental and physical health (McDougal et al, 2021; Dempsey et al, 2018).

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    Addiction Psychologist Services

    The addiction services offered by The RESET Health Group can help those who suffer with addiction to tap into their intrinsic connection between mind and body and kickstart their recovery. We create individualised plans so that through a collaborative work, we can help individuals reach their full potential.
    At RESET, we believe that finding out the root cause of the addiction is a huge part of successful treatment. 
    Once the individual understands why they act in the way they do; that addictive behaviours are ways of coping with the world, only then they can take steps to deal with the root cause of the issue, and truly start their recovery.
    Through our model, we utilise a variety of approaches to support the needs of the individual. Some examples include: CBT, DBT, Systemic Approach, Psychodynamic Approach, Narrative Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Oxygen Advantage breathwork, meditation, strength training, yoga and the most update findings of neuroscientific research.
    These approaches help individuals managing their addiction, rebuilding their lives in order for them to thrive physically and mentally. They might take the form of one-on-one sessions, group therapies, self-help groups, and regular check-ups to help them to cope with life after recovery

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