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We deliver innovative and proven services following the NICE Guidelines and latest research in mental and physical well-being

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Discover the best way to enjoy your life and fulfil your full potential

Biology and evolution have given our mind and body the intrinsic resources to reach our full potential, but years of urban living, neglect, and traumatic experiences have led us to a road of dissatisfaction and dysregulation.

The RESET Model is a therapeutic intervention that supports your patients with their mental and physical wellbeing.

Trauma and neglect not only affects the mind, but also the body and lifestyle (self-harming behaviours, disordered eating, addiction, etc.), and therefore a successful recovery requires a holistic and integrative approach.

RESET is an evidence-based psychotherapy that combines standard psychoeducation with cognitive/ behavioural change techniques and somatic interventions (i.e. physical exercise, breathwork and mindful awareness largely derived from contemplative meditative practice) to allow your patients to process and recover from past experiences that are affecting their mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Our Vision is to help everyone understand they have the power and inner resources to manage their (physical and mental) well-being, live in harmony with their environment, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Our Mission is to teach people how to reprogram the human mind and body to enjoy an addiction and trauma symptom free life.

We are committed to the development of everyone that we work with. Therefore, our approach is focussed on the well-being, health, insight and growth of both practitioners and service users alike.

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What our customers told us about their problems

“The support services we offer are not up to the standards we desire. It’s outdated or non-existent”

“We want to get accredited or recognised for the service we offer, but we are struggling to do so”

“We need to improve our image to get more funding, investment, and clients”

“We are struggling to hire and retain highly qualified employees such as Psychologists”

“Our team is not equipped to manage risks and safeguarding”

“We cannot afford to implement the expert and innovative services we desire.”

HOW our psychology services CAN BENEFIT YOU

What is great about our services?


Delivery of innovative and expert services, according to the latest research in neuroscience, addiction, psychology, anthropology, and physical wellbeing.



A full team of highly qualified colleagues to join your team: From clinical psychologists, assistant psychologists, wellbeing practitioners, strength trainers, and more.



Smooth and fast implementation of a full range of new services that will improve your clients’ physical and psychological wellbeing.


All of these while lowering your costs


psychology STEPS

We work with you in these 3 main areas

Mental Health

Learn innovative ways to think, feel and live your life fully – the power of your own mindset can impact your wellbeing and lifestyle

Physical Health

Heal mind and body trauma by unlocking your natural ability to improve your health through physical activity and nutrition


Discover the way to sustainable change for your mind & body, changes to your environment will improve your health

included in the service

What are the RESET Services?

Service outline

  • A full Psychology programme is up and running in just a few weeks.
  • Access to a Tailored Group Programme for your clients to support their recovery.
  • Group and 1-2-1 sessions to help your clients reflect and overcome their difficulties
  • Access to a trauma focus approach, breathwork and mindfulness techniques, nutrition, and strength training to help your clients find new ways of coping.
  • Psychoeducation and support group on living clean and healthy, relationship/ family dynamics, etc.

Outcome and value

  • Made for you – tailored to your clients’ needs and your company’s mission.
  • An integrative and evidence-based therapeutic approach targeting mental health difficulties and co-morbidities, using MI, CBT, DBT and Systemic Approaches.
  • Benefit from the power of your physiology – using the behavioural and neurobiological benefits of movement, breathing, and nutrition.
  • Learn coping skills, resilience, body confidence and body appreciation.
  • Focus on lifestyle and behavioural change to build connections with self, others, and environment.
  • Work on relationship and family dynamics.


Reflective Practice


  • Delivered online or in-person, individual or group sessions
  • Tailored to the company’s needs
  • Opportunity to debrief and learn from experience
  • Employees to receive support and gain new insights on themselves and best practice
  • Offer an interactive and ‘live’ space for employees to discuss and find new ways of working with clients

Outcome and value

  • Whether your employees struggle with personal or professional challenges, they will find new tools to overcome their difficulties

  • Your employees have the opportunity to share best practices and draw on others for support

  • Our workshops improve employee practice, ethics, and well-being in addition to reducing the risk of incidents and employee absence

  • By getting involved in the reflective process, you will create a psychologically and trauma-informed environment, which takes the psychological and emotional needs of employees and clients into account

Value and success


I feel that it is giving me the ability to handle my life better and use healthy coping strategies


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