The Corporate Solution Package

Sickness absence costs the UK economy around £15 billion each year, predominantly due to lost output

Need help but not sure how to proceed?

Our Tailored Packages

Our bespoke package is shaped uniquely for your organisation. We do this based on the insight we uncover through discussion with you, enabling us to pinpoint the initiatives that will provide the right support for your people and achieve your objectives.

Our consultative strategic work with you will give us a greater insight into your workplace. This deeper approach is grounded in organisational psychology and enables us to really refine the solutions to respond to clearly identified needs, using both qualitative and quantitative findings to set benchmarks and metrics for measuring the success of any strategy.


We implement wellbeing. You achieve performance.

Create a sustainable positive culture…

with regular team sessions and seminars, in line with the values of your company, enabling employees to engage in a postive working environment.

Enhance your staff skills and competencies…

with tailored workshops designed by our team of experts (i.e.transformational leadership, stress management, communication skills, assertiveness, reflective practice, etc.) the workforce will feel more fulfilled in their emplyment.

Build a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE):

by learning Psychologist’s secrets and insights to lead your teams and work with your colleagues effectively.

Increase staff performance and wellbeing…

with a tailored service centred on staff mental and physical health, employees work ethic and motivation will be improved.


I’ve taken so much away from this service, and I’m so very grateful for being on it at all…