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Psychological help can be both curative and preventive in that it helps people overcome mental health challenges and reduces the risk of developing more serious mental health issues. Thanks to the psychological services offered by The RESET Health Group, individuals and organisations in London now have access to some of the best psychological care.
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Our Mission & Vision

Psychology Services in London led by an award-winning
Clinical Psychologist

The RESET Health Group is a team of psychology experts committed to helping people improve their overall well-being with an extensive focus on their mental health. We can provide you with the best team of coaches, consultants, and psychologists to ensure that you are equipped with the best skills to help you receive quality care and treatment. 

Services we include:

The RESET services includes a complete psychology package with the following options: 

    • Each programme is tailor-made to address your specific needs and cater to your recoveries. 
    • We use a trauma-focused approach and include helpful activities like healthy nutrition tips, strength training, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques. These activities are designed to help you find healthier coping mechanisms when dealing with trauma. 
    • It includes psychoeducation classes and support groups to help build healthy relationships and embrace healthier lifestyles. 
    • It also helps institutions provide quality mental health support to individuals and employees by implementing or using Trauma and Psychologically Informed approaches. 

    Depending on your needs and preferences, you can use our services online or in person (in a group or individual setting). With our package, you will receive new techniques and tools to help you live a better life.

    We can also cater for…


    If you are a London-based service provider looking for clinical psychologists or psychotherapists, we can offer you the RESET programme.

    With 100% of our clients reporting feeling better able to cope and better equipped to face challenges, the RESET programme is a new holistic integrative approach to well-being that combines talking therapy, physical activity and mindfulness.

    We have already implemented the RESET programme at the Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (SIAS and Recovery For You), Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust in Milton Keynes, as well as the University of Birmingham and Addiction Services such as Changes UK.


    The RESET Health Group offers various services to companies and ensure that these services are tailor-made to address your employees’ specific needs and experiences. Here are some of the services we provide to companies:

    • We run frequent workshops on various health topics.
    • We share weekly content on different topics, from stress management to communication.
    • We also provide an interactive forum encouraging employees to connect and share experiences.
    • We provide membership opportunities for various departments or units.
    • We provide continuous support.

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