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If you live in Birmingham, you can now start benefiting from our life-changing RESET programme. Reach out for a quote if you would like help to live a healthier and more fulfilling life.
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Our Mission & Vision

Psychology Services in Birmingham led by an award-winning
Clinical Psychologist

At The RESET Health Group, we are committed to providing holistic care and services designed to improve the overall well-being of individuals. With our services expanding into Birmingham, you can now stay on top of your mental health by utilising our professional expertise.

With our knowledge and extensive experience of working in the clinical psychology space, we can provide you with the necessary treatments that have earned us the reputation as the best psychology service in Birmingham. Our services are unique, highly creative, and use the latest advancements in psychology research.

Services we include:

The RESET services involve a full psychology programme that can be implemented in a matter of weeks. This program includes:

  • Tailored Group Programme designed to support your clients’ recovery.
  • Group and 1-2-1 sessions.
  • Trauma focussed approach that includes breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, nutrition, and strength training.
  • Psychoeducation classes and a support group to encourage clean and healthy living, as well as healthy relationship dynamics and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Evidence-based therapeutic approach that targets mental health problems, using methods like MI, CBT, DBT, and Systemic Approaches.
  • Online or face to face, individual or group sessions

We can also cater for…


One of the biggest issues impacting productivity in companies and businesses is that employees are struggling to cope. Stress-related sickness is an increasingly common sight, with employees either being forced to take time off to recover or are trying to work through their issues at work, which negatively affects their wellbeing and their productivity. Employers have a responsibility to their employees and the business at large, meaning that they have to perform a balancing act to help both parties.

Here at The RESET Health Group, we understand that many corporations would benefit from a skilled psychologist. Birmingham corporations can benefit from our services, which teach employees how to better manage their stress and live better lives. This doesn’t just help your employees, but it also improves morale at the workplace.


Staff training

We can train your staff to deliver the RESET programme, plus offer tailor-made services such as: 

    • Regular content on mental health, stress, communication and others.
    • Regular workshops on how to improve quality of life. 
    • Continuous physical and mental well-being support.

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