The best rehabs and addiction recovery facilities in Birmingham

From not knowing where to start to high prices and substantial waiting lists, it can be tough to find an addiction facility to support you in recovery. As an Assistant Psychologist who works within addiction services, I have witnessed how difficult it can be to find the right facility and I would like to help.

Especially when you are at the start of your addiction recovery journey, you probably have no clue where to begin. Getting support for behavioural and substance addictions can be an incredibly difficult and daunting process as it is, but whatever your need in your addiction recovery journey, support is available. 

These are the best-reviewed rehab services in Birmingham we could find on google. In my research, I tried focusing on services which incorporate psychological and somatic interventions as these will give you the best support in your addiction recovery.

Banbury Lodge 

If you are looking for a service that is CQC-registered, then this may be the best choice for you. Being CQC-registered and acting in line with The Care Quality Commission Regulations 2009 ensures that services are safe, high-quality, effective, compassionate, and meet legal standards. Not all addiction recovery facilities are registered with CQC so you might watch out for those that do!

Banbury Lodge is a CQC-registered rehab clinic for addiction in Banbury, less than an hour from Birmingham. Banbury Lodge offers a comprehensive addiction treatment programme for alcohol, drug, eating disorders and behavioural addictions. In addition, it is rated good/outstanding by CQC and reports to be refurbished to exceptional standards, as well as an onsite gym and en suite bedrooms. 

Banbury Lodge offers a secure and comfortable space for addiction recovery and specialised programmes for individuals aged sixteen and over. In addition, Banbury Lodge provides treatment plans for existing mental health conditions and one-year free aftercare for both the individual in rehab and their families. Banbury Lodge is part of the UKAT nationwide group of clinics, which also have other rehab facilities across the UK. UKAT claims not just to treat addiction, but to support the “post-rehab” journey too, so it looks like a great choice. 

The New Leaf Recovery Project

This recovery facility looks like it is CQC registered and it has fantastic feedback from past service users, with many reviews commenting on how this service has changed or saved their life! 

A major benefit of The New Leaf Recovery project seems to be the support available for a large range of addictions, which not every recovery facility provides. 

A private, residential rehab centre based in Birmingham they offer services and treatments to those suffering from both behavioural and substance addictions such as gambling, sex and love, internet, shopping and video gaming addictions and substance addictions such as alcohol, benzodiazepine, cannabis, cocaine, co-codamol, codeine, ecstasy, heroin/opiates, mephedrone and prescription drugs. 

In terms of accommodation, The New Leaf consists of a choice of single or twin rooms with en-suite facilities as well as spacious communal areas and a garden. Residents are also encouraged to access recreational activities which include the gym, swimming, yoga and meditation, and to engage in the local recovery community and mutual aid meetings. The combination of physical well-being and the power of connection with others is essential for mental and physical well-being in addiction recovery.

With a view of assisting clients into full resettlement and reintegration into both work and, ultimately society, The New Leaf Recovery Project also provides rehabilitation and aftercare treatment programmes designed and delivered by those with lived experience of addiction and recovery, with many staff having gone through recovery here themselves. They help individuals to detox in a safe environment with support from staff and other residents. 

Livingstone House

Featured on the CQC website, which usually means that it is CQC registered, Livingstone House focuses on men who feel that their recovery would benefit from being in a recovery environment with other men in a similar position to themselves. Livingstone House offers a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme specifically for men aged 18-64. This could be beneficial as it provides an environment for men to connect with their peers in a safe space, and to learn from each other’s experiences as two-thirds of individuals in treatment for substance addiction are male.

As part of the programme, residents are encouraged to participate in a tailored 12-step recovery programme. They acknowledge that recovery is not just about abstinence, but meeting mental, spiritual and emotional needs, which is a great approach in my view.

The accommodation at Livingstone House aims to provide a homely, “family environment” and a safe space for those in recovery where individuals can access the 12-step programme and other therapies readily. 

The 12-step therapy is based on the 12-step programme from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), delivered via a group and a one-to-one process and with access to alternative therapy which is complementary to the programme. 

Following treatment, Service Users who have completed the programme benefit from aftercare for up to three months and if abstinence continues, they offer an open-door policy to continue to support ex-residents. 

A major component of sustainable addiction recovery is connection and an “open door policy” provides space for continued support in recovery by staff and ongoing. It is important to highlight that, from their website, this open door policy is sustained provided you continue your abstinence. 

In addition, Livingstone House provides detoxification services in a controlled and medically supervised environment. They seem to put a large emphasis on supporting residents to reintegrate back into the community by attending 12-step fellowship meetings and pursuing educational, training and vocational qualifications. Livingstone house also provides free charity beds for those in need, subject to assessment and availability. 

The Priory Hospital Woodbourne

A prestigious and well-known recovery facility in terms of following guidelines on clinical evidence, though it has received mixed reviews from clients online. The Priory Hospital Woodbourne claims to be one of the UK’s leading addiction treatment and rehabilitation centres. 

The Priory Hospital Woodbourne provides access to highly qualified specialists, focused on evidence-based treatment for a broad range of addictions, including alcohol, drug and behavioural addictions. They provide an evidence-based programme tailored to individual needs and structured within NICE guidelines, which is great. Following NICE Guidelines help clients to receive care that is based on the best clinical evidence available which is, arguably, the best support you can have.

The Priory Hospital Woodbourne 28-day residential Addiction Treatment Programme has been specifically designed to assist with the detox process and to assist with stabilising mood. In addition, they offer a free, no-obligation assessment to discuss your concerns confidentially before starting treatment. 

Intending to help clients to manage triggers and cravings and acquire long-term coping strategies for long-term recovery, they also want to work on improving physical and psychological health. They offer free aftercare for 12 months, ensuring that you have access to 12-step fellowship groups and a personalised continuing care plan. There is also a crisis care for residential facilities for those who need immediate support, including access to medically assisted withdrawal detox if detox is needed immediately. Overall, The Priory Hospital Woodbourne seems to have many different ways in which it can support you and it looks great for immediate intervention if needed, or for booking a free assessment first to see if this is the right treatment option for you. 

GRACE Recovery – Changes UK

Ok, we are biased on this one since we work very closely with Changes UK! But we really want you to have the best possible service so we had to feature them. 

If you would like a recovery facility that also provides psychological support then GRACE Recovery – Changes UK could be helpful to start you on both your psychological and addiction recovery journey.

As part of The RESET Health Group, we offer our services to Changes UK as a part of their 8-week GRACE Recovery Programme. GRACE Recovery aims to address the root cause of addiction, using experiential learning of lived recovery workers. They aim to support the journey to physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being and to provide a therapeutic environment. This way, individuals can build the necessary social and practical skills needed, both for everyday life and to maintain recovery. 

The RESET Health Group (that’s us!) provides 1:1 and group psychological and somatic and group services to Changes UK supporting clients in addiction recovery with their psychological and physiological needs. This helps improve self-awareness and, ultimately, recovery from addiction and mental health issues. 

After completing the GRACE Recovery programme, Changes UK supports clients to stay in another residence if they would like further, longer-term recovery support allowing for a safe space with like-minded individuals to continue to grow in their recovery journey.

Final Thoughts…

Ultimately, it is most important to pick a rehab or recovery facility that is going to best support you in your recovery journey from addiction. Whilst this isn’t an easy or straightforward path, having the best possible team and support around you will greatly increase your chances of successfully achieving your goals in your addiction recovery journey. 

Whilst these are based on the best rehab facilities reviewed online and I have some knowledge of the addiction recovery field from a psychological point of view, it is so important to ultimately trust your gut, and do what feels right for you. 

If in doubt, contact organisations first and have a discussion with them where possible voicing any questions or concerns you may have. This should help you to make an informed decision about the best choice for your addiction recovery and well-being!

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