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Imagine waking up each morning with a sense of clarity, purpose and inner strength

Discover your inner power with our comprehensive approach to Psychology at the RESET Clinic: Psychological and Psychiatric treatment, Cold Therapy, Strength Training, Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation. All in the same venue. In your free 30-minute consultation, meet with a RESET Integrated Therapist to discuss your mental health needs, expectations and history. It’s a perfect opportunity to find the right treatment for you.

Rather than simply prescribing diets, medications, or exercise routines and psychotherapies, RESET Therapists stand by your side, helping you conquer self-doubt. Take the first step to align your health with your life goals. With our clinic opening in January, book your free consultation now to secure your spot!

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Are you a healthcare provider looking to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs?

RESET may hold the key. We specialise in offering quick, seamless integration and a comprehensive psychological service. This ensures cost reduction and enduring, long-lasting change for both service users and employees.

Our healthcare Clients

the reset Clinic opens in 2024

The RESET Clinic will be located in the “Medical Quarter” in Edgbaston, just outside the Clean Air Zone, within a 30-minute walk of Birmingham City Centre.

A welcoming period property carefully decorated to make you feel at ease, the RESET Clinic ensures a warm and friendly waiting area if you arrive early for your appointment.

Parking is available onsite and nearby, both on and off road.

The new Birmingham Metro Line’s Hagley Road terminal is set to be within only a 5-minute walk. Five Ways railway station is within a 10-minute walk providing a direct service to New Street station.

meet the team

Our highly qualified team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists are trained in trauma-focused care, systemic therapy, psychotherapy, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, CBT, compassionate therapy, and more. They also hold certifications in personal training, breathwork, yoga and even cold therapy.

Rather than simply prescribing diets, medications, or exercise routines and psychotherapies, RESET practitioners stand by your side, helping you conquer self-doubt and reconnect your health with your life’s ultimate purpose.


Dr Oluwagbenga Odeyemi

Consultant Psychiatrist


Tilly Blunkett

Associate Psychologist


Cilene Tanaka

Marketing Lead

Dr Marion Wachet

Co-Founder / Director

Alex Broadbent

Co-Founder / Director

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