Therapy, done differently. Rethink your mental health.

The RESET Therapy Model

We believe that talking therapy alone is not enough so we go beyond conventional mental health treatment, offering a holistic, long-term solution to your health concerns.

The RESET model teaches you the tools to thrive, feel accepted, find connection and become the person you always wanted to be.

Within your healthcare NHS service, high costs can be the villain threatening to compromise patient care and staff retention. At RESET, we offer fast and seamless integration with your organisation, providing a comprehensive psychological service that not only reduces costs but also secures lasting change for service users and employees alike.

Imagine coordinated, patient-centered care. With RESET, you will have access to diverse healthcare professionals who are trained in evidence-based treatment modalities including, talking therapy, exercise programmes, mindfulness, and breathwork who work collaboratively with your employees to enhance the overall patient experience.

Your employees will develop new skills, fresh perspectives and self-care strategies to better care for their clients.The result? Valued and motivated employees, better team dynamics, improved employee well-being, reduced absenteeism, and a workplace that uses evidence-based solutions to overcome complex problems.

What is included in the services?

Convenient for both service users and your organisation, the RESET programme ensures shorter waiting lists, reduced admin and seamless communication between professionals on our team. Psychological treatment, Cold Therapy, Strength Training, Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation all in the same venue and delivered by professionals on the same team.

weight lifting

Are you seeking treatment for yourself?

Our expert team of psychotherapists, psychologists, trainers, and coaches will assess what makes you unique. Contact us to learn how we can help you and your business.

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