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Helping you to implement a service designed by an award-winning Clinical Psychologist and a competitive athlete

What we can do for you

Happy and healthy employees are productive employees. Let us show you how…

Stress-related sickness absence has become increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Employers face a balancing act between supporting their employees’ wellbeing whilst minimising the risk of operational disruption.

Biology and evolution have given our mind and body the intrinsic resources to manage stress and reach our full potential, but years of urban living, the ‘rat-race’, stressful lifestyles and self-neglect have led us to a road of constant dissatisfaction and dysregulation.

a little more about what we do…

Why work with us?

  • Create a sustainable positive culture with regular team sessions and seminars in line with the values of your company


  • Increase employee performance and wellbeing by learning how to make physical activity fun and inclusive


  • Build a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE): Learn Psychologist’s secrets and insights to lead your teams and work with your colleagues effectively


  • Enhance your employee skills and competencies with tailored workshops designed by our team of experts (i.e. transformational leadership, stress management, communication skills, assertiveness, reflective practice, etc.)


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The three areas we work on with you


Learn innovative ways to think, feel and live your life fully – the power of your own mindset can impact your wellbeing and lifestyle


Increase confidence and self-esteem whilst having fun, getting stronger and more mobile with strength training and Yoga


Discover the way to sustainable change for your mind & body, changes to your environment will improve your overall health

how we can help

What our customers told us about their problems

  • We have high levels of employee burnout, fatigue, and illness
  • Our leadership team struggle to inspire their employees to achieve their potential
  • We have a negative culture where bullying and blame is a real issue
  • High employee turnover is a significant cost for us
  • Workplace cliques and gossip are affecting performance


What is great about this service?


Access to ongoing health and wellbeing support for your employees through our online membership area.



Access to regular workshops throughout the year on cultural, social, and health topics.



Access to an Intensive Tailored Plan for the business areas that need the most support, with Group and 1-2-1 sessions.



Access to the Workcare Scheme for all employees to improve their wellbeing and enjoy a stress-free life.



A smooth and fast implementation of our services to enhance the services that you already have (i.e. MHFA, etc.).


included in the service

What is the RESET Membership area?

Strategy outline

  • Access the latest resources in your own time and at your own pace.
  • Made for you – tailored to your employees’ needs and your company’s mission and values.
  • New content added weekly on a diverse range of topics such as confidence, assertiveness, stress management, communication, etc.
  • Access to a forum to encourage interaction and connection.
  • Different membership areas for different departments, or 1 for everyone.

Outcome and value

  • Whether your employees want to relax, learn, exercise, reach goals or sustain long-term healthy habits, our membership area has them covered.
  • Our membership area encourages employees to interact with each other and reconnect with the company’s mission and values to give them a greater sense of collaboration and belonging.
  • Employees feel more valued and devoted to the success of their organisation.


What’s great about our workshops


  • Delivered online or in-person (basic package twice a month)
  • Raise awareness of cultural, social and health issues, and how to manage work struggles in an optimal way
  • Tailored to your company needs
  • Offer an interactive and ‘live’ space for employees to discuss and find tools to improve wellbeing.
  • All workshops resources are accessible through the membership area.

Outcome and value

  • Whether your employees struggle with personal or professional difficulties, they will find new tools to overcome their challenges.
  • Our workshops improve employee wellbeing and health and reduce employee absenteeism and presenteeism.

Value and success


“These are my best groups and I really enjoy finding myself again, trying to be a better person”


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