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I have noticed how difficult it can be to find support on google, especially if you are looking for services including addiction therapy or any kind of mental health support in your addiction recovery. With that in mind, I wanted to recommend the best free recovery support that I have encountered in my work as an Assistant Psychologist in addiction recovery and mental health. 

Whilst rehab is always a small price to pay to get the support you deserve, it is important to know what free rehabs and recovery support are available in Birmingham so that you have access to the support you need in early and ongoing addiction recovery. 

As an Assistant Psychologist who has worked in addiction services from the NHS to private addiction recovery facilities, I am often shocked at how hard it is for people to access the support they need. I have witnessed a lack of affordable recovery options for individuals in need of help, long waiting lists and the anxiety individuals experience when starting their recovery journey in terms of finding out what services are available to them. 

I have also noticed that it is very difficult to find online the costs of a recovery facility. Add to that the confusion caused by the differences between recovery facilities and rehabs, all of which are obstacles you find during a moment of crisis, and people might feel hopeless when trying to find the best addiction recovery services in Birmingham for them. 

While you may have found this article when searching for rehab, it is important to say that rehab is technically different to a recovery service with the former being often seen as the first step of the recovery process. We are working on a blog post about the differences between rehab and recovery facilities so, for now, this blog covers free rehab and addiction recovery services in Birmingham to help you get started on your journey to recovery.

One of the differences between recovery services and rehab is that rehab can be incredibly expensive and a substantial portion of the overall cost is from Detox. Factors such as the length of stay and services provided can also influence this cost. An inpatient rehab centre can often charge between £5000 – £10000 for a 30-day treatment.

It is worth noting, however, that rehab is often a fraction of the cost of addiction in the long term and well worth the investment. 

Rehab is often a fraction of the cost of addiction in the long term and well worth the investment. 

Considering all of that, here at RESET, we believe that money should never be a barrier to accessing the treatment you need, so here are the best free addiction recovery services in Birmingham to start your recovery journey.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) – FREE

AA, NA and CA are non-profit fellowships that have helped millions worldwide overcome their addictions. Fellowship meetings for these organisations are completely free to attend and held worldwide, many of which in the West Midlands and Birmingham! 

Attending AA, CA or NA may provide incredibly valuable support to individuals looking for a safe space to explore their addiction or ongoing support. AA, CA and NA are truly amazing free services available, placing the power of connection at the centre of recovery. 

Many of the clients I have worked with in addiction and recovery have reported finding just as much value being in psychological group therapy interventions as simply being around others with similar lived experiences. In fact, connection is a core human need. Studies have actually shown AA to be more effective than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in treating alcohol addiction!

Top Tip: AA, CA and NA might use the word “God” and include prayer in their meetings so if you struggle with the word “God” in fellowship readings/meetings, replace it with a “higher power” that is specific to you! If your higher power is your dog, daughter, wife, or something greater but you can’t put a word to it, find what works for you and keep an open mind! 

Whilst attending something that feels unknown may be anxiety provoking at first, just take it one step at a time, go to one group and see how you feel. It’s quite simple as you won’t know if you don’t try. In my experience working with addiction recovery, almost everyone who has attended AA, CA or NA has received great value from attending these meetings, and since the NHS and other services can have massive waiting lists, this is a great alternative for immediate and consistent support.

Charity Beds – FREE

Some organisations in Birmingham offer “charity beds”, meaning there is some capacity to stay in the recovery facility free of charge. You can research different addiction recovery organisations that seem most in line with your recovery goals. If the list below doesn’t work for you, I would recommend contacting different rehab or addiction recovery facilities and asking if they have capacity for this option as not all organisations will advertise this. 

Additionally, some services working with other organisations such as the NHS may be able to refer you to a rehab facility and/or support with the cost of rehab facilities, with enough evidence of engagement and motivation in your recovery. 

Here are three charity beds I know of or have worked with:

Livingstone House in Birmingham provides charity beds for those in need, subject to assessment and availability. Livingstone house offers a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme specifically for men aged 18-64. 

Seasons Rehab in Walsall is another organisation that provides charity beds, making their service accessible to all.

ARC (Addiction Recovery Centre) Milton Keynes is 1 hour away from Birmingham. ARC also delivers a Recovery Day Programme, providing free recovery support for 12 weeks that addresses mental health needs as well as recovery. 


SIAS consists of a variety of organisations, including Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Aquarius, Welcome, Changes UK and Urban Heard. Working with so many different organisations means more access to what each of the different services provides, therefore improving your chances of a successful recovery from addiction. There is a mix of staff with lived experience and without, meaning there is a variety of approaches and perspectives provided. There’s also an abundance of activities and trips to get involved in, such as getting outdoors, reconnecting with others and doing whatever you enjoy doing! Even better, you can access SIAS’s services free of charge.

In terms of what the organisations provide, Aquarius endeavours to help people overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling by working with individuals, families and friends to lessen the impact caused by addictive behaviours. 

Welcome is the access point for treatment and support services at SIAS, responsible for carrying out initial assessments and ensuring that individuals are supported to best meet their needs as they start the important journey towards recovery. 

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust provide comprehensive mental healthcare service for residents of Birmingham and Solihull, which is incredibly important to have access to alongside addiction recovery, providing a range of specialist mental health services to communities across the West Midlands. 

Changes UK delivers person-centred support for people seeking abstinence-based recovery from drugs and/or alcohol. Changes UK’s approach to addiction recovery has been developed and delivered by those with addiction recovery experience who have been successful in maintaining recovery. 

Urban Heard specialises in youth engagement, running peer-led prevention programmes which help raise awareness of and build resilience against dangerous lifestyle trends for those aged 14-16 years old. 

These organisations can always be reached out to on an individual basis too, to see what other services are available and how else they can help you. This combination of various organisations working together helps to maximise what we call your “recovery capital”. Your recovery capital can be defined as the breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon to initiate and sustain recovery from severe alcohol or other drug problems and therefore positive addiction recovery outcomes! 

We are very proud at RESET to be working closely with SIAS, with exciting new recovery programmes on the horizon. We integrate recovery with somatic, psychological and environmental needs to maximise recovery outcomes and make them sustainable and the results of our approach have been outstanding.

Change Grow Live – FREE

Change Grow Live is a national organisation with a hub in Birmingham to support those having problems with alcohol/drugs. They run “Reach Out Recovery”, which is a free and confidential drug and alcohol service for adults and affected others in Birmingham offering treatment and recovery services to support anyone experiencing difficulties with drugs and/or alcohol in a range of local community settings across Birmingham. 

Change Grow Live provides group support from veterans to those in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as assisting with detox if needed. They work with another great organisation, KIKIT which provides free support for those in the BAME community struggling with addiction, using their expertise in cultural dialogue to overcome the challenges of addiction. KIKIT provides culturally sensitive support and mentoring for anyone suffering from the effect of substance addiction. 

I understand how difficult it can be to start your recovery journey, however, it is essential to surround yourself with the best possible support system from the outset. 

In line with this, it is worth raising awareness of what might be leading you to depend on this behaviour alongside utilising addiction recovery support.

Sustainable change always starts with increased self-awareness. If there are unresolved mental health issues or trauma you are trying to cope with, then it is important to reach out for help for this when you feel ready. 

To summarise, there are so many options for maximising recovery outcomes in Birmingham and the West Midlands, and there are many free and affordable options out there! Your recovery comes first, so what you can afford to invest into your recovery will be worth it, provided you feel supported by the route you chose. Please don’t ever feel like you’re alone in your journey, and do not hesitate to contact us for further information or support. 

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Tilly Blunkett is an Assistant Psychologist at The RESET Health Group.

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