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types of therapy we offer

Experts in helping you become the best version of yourself, our highly qualified team of Clinical Psychologists and Assistant Psychologists are trained in the RESET model which covers trauma-focused care, systemic therapy, psychotherapy, EMDR, psychodynamic therapy, CBT, compassionate therapy and more. 

Also holding certifications in personal training, breathwork, yoga and even cold therapy, our therapists are qualified to offer bespoke exercises and talking therapy in line with your individual needs. 

With experience working with the NHS, Priory and many Addiction Recovery charities, we believe that talking therapy alone is not enough; we go beyond conventional mental health treatment, offering a holistic, long-term solution to help you transform your life in the long term.

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Meet the founders

Dr Marion Wachet

Co-Founder / Director

Dr Wachet has been a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for over 20 years working with the NHS and Priory. With additional certifications in yoga, cold therapy and breathwork, Dr Wachet’s life purpose is to empower individuals not just to survive, but to thrive.

Alex Broadbent

Co-Founder / Director

A seasoned athlete with over 30 years of experience in strength and conditioning, Alex is driven by a personal mission to help others discover joy through physical activity, rather than chasing a perfect body.

meet the team

We stand by your side, helping you conquer self-doubt and align your health with your life’s purpose.


Dr Oluwagbenga Odeyemi

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Odeyemi is RESET Clinic’s Consultant Psychiatrist. He is also a Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for the psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) of Priory Hospital.


Tilly Blunkett

Associate Psychologist

Tilly Blunkett is an Associate Psychologist at the RESET Health Group, a Counselling Doctorate trainee and recovery programme lead at the NHS Wolverhampton.


Shannen Poulton

Senior RESET Integrated Therapist

Msc Shannen Poulton is a Psychology BSc, MSc and Senior Assistant Psychologist at The RESET Health Group with over 5 years of experience in mental health services. An avid gym goer, she is particularly passionate about the connection between physical and mental health.


Victoria Chappell

Senior RESET Integrated Therapist

Victoria Chappell is a Senior RESET Integrated Therapist. She runs the RESET addiction recovery programme at Changes UK.


Mubashir Amin

RESET Integrated Therapist

Mubashir Amin is a Psychology graduate and RESET Integrated Therapist with the RESET Health Group. An aspiring clinical psychologist, rugby player and personal trainer he wants to devote his life to helping others.


Jake Whitehouse-Muir

Research Lead

MSc Jake Whitehouse-Muir is a Research Lead at The RESET Health Group, Jake has recently co-written a case study published by The British Psychological Society.


Adam Ryan

Open Student Placement

Adam is a final-year counselling student currently on placement with The RESET Health Group. He has a love for films and a passion for helping people find their inner strength.


Cilene Tanaka

Marketing Lead

A full-stack marketer on a mission to help good companies change the world, Cilene has an MA in Literature and experience as a journalist for local and international publications. A practising Buddhist, she loves to reset at silent and meditation retreats around the UK.

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