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Feeling stuck and powerless? Simply talking about these emotions is often not enough. Something is missing – you need a way to release the emotions you are experiencing.

Repeating the same mistakes. Misunderstood by family, friends, and even past therapists.

There’s hope for sustainable change.

RESET integrates psychotherapy with somatic sessions – yoga, strength training, breathwork, cold exposure, and outdoor activities – to understand and release emotions. Say goodbye to feeling worthless; embrace a life full of freedom and purpose.

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Weeks 1 – 4

Laying the Foundations

Discover ways to understand your thoughts and emotions

Weeks 5 – 10

Release your Emotions

Combine mind and body tools to manage and release your emotions

Weeks 11 – 12


Integrate RESET into your environment and relationships

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RESET co-founders Dr Marion Wachet and senior coach Alex Broadbent combined their expertise in Mind, Body and Environment to design the RESET Therapy Model.

Dr. Marion Wachet, a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years of experience, became a therapist to transform her family’s story. Working as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with the NHS and Priory, Dr. Wachet is on a mission to empower individuals not just to survive, but to thrive. 

Alex Broadbent, a seasoned athlete with over 30 years of experience in strength and conditioning, is driven by a personal mission. Having witnessed the impact of depression and anxiety in his own family, Alex is dedicated to helping others discover joy through physical activity, rather than chasing a perfect body.

At RESET, your health and well-being are our biggest priority. That’s why we offer a revolutionary approach to healing, with options to suit all budgets. Our goal is to guide you towards realising your untapped potential.

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frequently asked questions

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What are somatic interventions?

Somatic interventions are the technical term for physical activity. At RESET, we believe that talking therapy alone is not enough and that somatic interventions are crucial for long-lasting sustainable change; we do more than simply telling people to be physically active! We have made physical activity an integral part of our therapy model, guiding you through bespoke activities that fit your exact needs and abilities, releasing trauma and achieving the changes you are seeking.

This depends on what you like to do, your needs and history. Our team of experts will individually assess your needs based on several factors including your reason for contacting us, your current level of physical activity, any previous injuries or health complaints, and your individual preferences. If something suggested does not work for you, our team will have several alternatives to achieve the same result. There is no one approach that fits all, and we will work together to discover what works best for you!

RESET offers a lot more so, all added, it becomes actually less expensive. Traditional CBT only involves talking therapy; you would have to pay for a gym subscription, personal trainer, yoga, breathwork, etc. RESET offers all of that and, what’s best, it is seamlessly integrated into the work you are doing in therapy. RESET practitioners are all trained in somatic interventions and are experts in therapy, offering a truly integrated experience. The programme is co-ordinated and managed by award-winning Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Dr Marion Wachet.

RESET practitioners have been trained in Iceland and Sweden by one of the world’s foremost cold exposure and breathwork instructors, Joren De Bruin. We hold your hand every step of the way (literally!) and we also practice ourselves. We will never ask you to do anything we are not practising ourselves. As with any activity, there are risks if not done correctly, but we have the training and experience to keep those risks to a minimum. 

Yes, breathwork really works. Breathwork can be an incredibly powerful tool to tap into the subconscious. Again, using the techniques we have learned from Joren De Bruin and years of experience, including self-practice, we safely guide you on a journey into your subconscious mind and untapped potential. All we ask is that you join the sessions with an open mind and let us take care of the rest.

All RESET therapy lasts for a minimum of 12 weeks, longer for complex cases. During this time you will need to commit to 1 hour per week for the first 3 weeks; 2 hours per week for the next 7 weeks; then 1 hour per week for the following 2 weeks. During this time your therapist will discuss with you if they feel you will need to work together for longer than 12 weeks. 

We are based in Birmingham, UK. Although we are big believers in the power of connection and face to face contact, we do also provide online services for those who are unable visit us in person.